Saturday, February 16, 2008

Business Opportunity / Dealer Oppotunity

Sanicare is looking for dealers interested in the bidet market. Doctors, plumbers, nurses, architects, mobility companies and other health related companies are welcome to join. You may send an email for information or visit the website.

Seat Bidets & Washlets On Sale / Discounted Price

Several seat bidets / washlets are on sale. Check them out here and take advantage of low prices. The prices will go up soon.

2 Day Sale only

Some of our hand-held bidet products are on sale right now. Check them out:

Sanicare 300 Hand Held Bidet Chrome (Complete Set)
Sanicare 400 Hand Held Bidet Chrome (Complete Set)
Sanicare 700 Hand Held Bidet (Complete Set)
Sanicare 800 Hand Held Bidet Chrome (Complete Set)