Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hand-Held Bidet Sale Extended

Luxury and Deluxe Hand Held Bidet Sale has been extended until May 25, 2012.

Check on new hand bidet models in the market today! Free shipping on orders over $99 plus get 10% off for a limited time. Now Sells Hydrawand Portable Hand-Held Bidet has recently introduced Hydrawand Portable Hand-Held Bidet.  

****The HydraWand "J" nozzle is a radical design departure from that old European standard.  It easily slips down into the bowl from the front , side, or back, while you are sitting, allowing you to place the nozzle tip exactly where you need it, while the comfortable handle and trigger are above the seat! It actually takes a LOT less time and effort to cleanse with the Hydrawand and pat dry, than to reach down and wipe several times with tissue.  And lets be honest, no matter how many times, or how hard you scrub with tissue, it will never remove as much bacteria as 10 seconds of clean water from the HW.The HydraWand and its acessories are not chrome plated plastic, but machined from solid brass. It is designed to easily connect  to a shower, a sink faucet, the cold water inlet of your toilet tank, or a mixing valve that delivers warm water. It's patented reinforced high pressure hose and reusable fittings, are unique in the market, and can be adjusted to any length, to best suit your installation. Its ergonomically designed handle, and precise trigger valve make it the most comfortable bidet to use ever!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Toilet Bidet Attachment

Tired of using irritating toilet paper and feeling that you aren’t fully cleaned? Looking for affordable bidet that will do the job? Sanicare Hand Bidet is the new hygienic way to feel clean after bowel movements and menstrual cycles. By using a hand held bidet, you can feel fresh every time you walk out of the bathroom. A sanicare hand bidet is very easy to install and can clean you as well as any other bidets out there at a fraction of a cost. You don't have to worry whether it fits your toilet or not as it installs on the side of your toilet (on the wall) and is reachable when you're about to use it. For a limited time, is offering hand-held bidet complete sets for almost 50% off and with 10% discount.

CHECK OUT SANICARE BIDET! Offer is valid from 5/6 to 5/12, 2012 only.