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Bemis Swash 800 Toilet Seat Bidet - Only $299

Sanicare Bidet has added a new product online called Bemis Swash 800 Bidet.

The award-winning Bemis Swash 800 Bidet is the ultimate in bathroom comfort and hygiene. Inside the clean design and elegant styling, it is packed with features to provide you a complete home spa experience.

Some of the features are posterior and feminine warm-water washes, heated seat, air dryer and wireless remote control. All features you can find in some other seat bidets but for way less money.

For a limited time, you can purchase it for only $299 with FREE *Luxury* Travel Bidet ($59.95 value!). Check it out here:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Renaissance Bidet Series 3000 - New Update!

This natural water bidet goes underneath your existing toilet bowl and seat. It requires no battery or electricity. Made of good quality materials. This basic bidet will give you maximum personal hygiene at affordable cost. Renaissance Bidet 3000 series will leave you fresh and clean every time!

Bidet - Benefits of Using It At Home

Bidet is a very well known term in US. This is a kind of low-mounted plumbing fixture or a low sink. It is basically used for cleaning the external genitalia, anus and surrounding skin to avoid cases of infection after urination. Additionally bidet can be used as a basin for washing feet or as a bathtub as well. These should not be confused to be urinals or toilets which are used before using a bidet.

Use of bidet is definitely a good option for those who are concerned about hygiene:

Proper cleaning of the skin in private part helps to prevent incidences of infections. The perineum areas cannot be cleaned completely with dry tissue papers thoroughly and effectively. Bacterium on the other hand spreads causing hemorrhoids and urinary tract infections. Moreover you tend to develop rashes when dry tissue paper is used for wiping the sensitive parts. You might experience bleeding and itching sensations in the long run.

Bidet is definitely one of the best ways by which you can avoid such infections. These are a lot more hygienic compared to the regular use of tissue papers. Moreover, bidets use warm cleaning methods which help women to clean private parts in times of menstruation, after and before an intercourse. Problems linked with hemorrhoids and constipation can also be taken care of effectively.

Bidets are available in wide range of styles and designs. There are faucets with some of the bidets that help in pouring warm water in the china basin. Some of the models come with nozzle propelling water which simplifies the cleaning procedure. The nozzles can be attached to the toilet and used for cleaning anus. There are some bidets that come with dual nozzles. The family nozzle is used for cleaning anus and skin in the surrounding area and the long nozzles are used for washing vulvas.

Bidets are used not only in homes, but also in hotels and hospitals for hygienic reasons. There are bidets that come along with electronic bidet seat that replace the existing commonly used seats. This comes with enema wash features. Such bidets are particularly very helpful in cases of diarrhea and constipation.

Bidet is also very useful for enabling the elderly individuals to maintain their hygiene standards independently. Cleaning with warm water ensures effective and painless cleaning methods.

These are some of the reasons why bidets are becoming a popular choice in every household today.

Article by: Sanicare Bidets

Toilet Attachment Bidets

When you hear of the bidet you usually hear of the bidet that is attached to your toilet, but there exists another type of bidet. This bidet is a hose that hangs next to your toilet. When you are done using the bathroom you take the hose and wash yourself with it.

Often just an object of shock and wonder in a North American bathroom, the bidet is slowly becoming a more accepted element in bathrooms outside of Europe and Asia. Hopefully this trend will continue to the point where prospective buyers are pleasantly surprised to see a bidet in a home instead of embarrassed or confused. The first step to acceptance understands, so let's see what this bidet thing is all about.

The biggest benefit to installing a bidet in your bathroom is cleanliness. Consider the bidet as a mini-shower for after you use the toilet as well as any time in between that you might need freshening up. However, in North America, the bidet has a sordid mystique, probably because the main focus of the fixture is to clean the genital region.

With the current trends to luxurious spa type master bathrooms, a bidet can fit right in with that high-end European hotel atmosphere. Consider one also if you're looking to make a house more accessible to residents or buyers who might be elderly or disabled. A bidet, particularly one that's built into a toilet, works well with the philosophy of universal design by helping anyone with less than optimal mobility to use the washroom on their own.

There are quite a few bidet options if you're looking to join the modern era of hygiene. There are two types of stand alone bidet, which is what most people imagine when they think of a bidet. The classic style of bidet is basically a low sink that resembles a seat-less toilet that is utilized by filling the bowl up and straddling it to wash. The more frequently seen French bidet is similar but instead of filling the bowl to wash, it has a spout that shoots water upwards. Either type can be used as a rinse or with soap.

If you don't have the space or the money to install a stand alone bidet, don't fret, there are options that you can incorporate to your existing space as well. There are a variety of bidet seats that you can install on your existing toilet that range from very simple and inexpensive to very fancy and pricey. Another option that's a little different is the hand held bidet. This basically is a spray nozzle that you plumb into your toilet's plumbing. It looks and works just like a sink sprayer you might have in your kitchen.

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Some of the Benefits of Using a Hand Held Bidet for Better Hygiene


With the handheld bidet comes better control. Since the hose is not attached to the toilet you can maneuver it any way you want. Instead of moving around trying to find the right angle, you can just move the bidet around and get a better wash from it. Since its mobile you can move it around and don't have to worry about it being stuck in one place. This control gives you a better clean since you can move it around. This is one benefit of the hand held bidet

For those that have a bidet hose, they can use it as a way to wash your bathroom. Since the hose can move around you can wash your toilet with the hose and clean it. Since most hand held bidets have different pressures, using the highest pressure will do a great job cleaning. With the regular bidet, you can't use it to clean your bathroom since it is stationary and can not be moved. This is another benefit of the hand held bidet.

Warm water cleansing of perineum area after relieving or defecating is very efficient at reducing any chances of infection due to presence of bacteria in the area. Dry toilet paper cannot cleanse your perineum areas effectively and thoroughly. Rather, it spreads bacteria round the year causing urinary tract infections and hemorrhoids. Regular cleaning of these sensitive areas with dry paper increases irritation. Prolonged usage could cause itching and bleeding.

Most infectious diseases spread through human contact. Insufficient cleansing of hands after urination or defecation spreads virus. Hand held bidet reduces chances of such infection and provides increased hygiene as bidet does not need use of your hands. Some could also touch the anus and genitalia with bare hands after use of toilet and bidet yet; this proves to be more hygienic than toilet paper.

Besides, the warm cleaning technique helps women cleanse themselves thoroughly during menstruation, before and after intercourse too. Bidets help alleviate problems of constipations and associated hemorrhoids.

Bidet is a wise move for your pocket!


There are many types of bidets out there. Most of them are the premium bidets that cost a lot of money, but if one just wants to use the bidet without paying a lot for it, they can just get a non-electronic one. In this article I will give 5 reasons why the non-electronic bidet is sometimes better than the premium electric bidet.

Much Cheaper than Electric Bidets

One of the main reasons one should go for the non-electric bidet is because it is much cheaper. Most electric bidets cost over $500 dollars and include many different features. These features are not necessary for those that are just looking for a quick clean. All of the added features make it very expensive. The non-electric bidet on the other hand can go for as low as 30 dollars. This price difference makes the non-electric bidet a much better choice for those that want to try it out for the first and are not quite sure what to get.

Greener for the Environment

Since the non-electric bidet does not use electric, you can save on the energy used in your house and you can save money since you are not paying for the electricity. You will save on energy which in turn will reduce the carbon footprint of your house.

You Can Save on Toilet Paper

Using the bidet will reduce your toilet paper cost as well as the cost you would have to pay for buying an electric bidet--which can cost well over $500

There is less maintenance

Using an electric bidet requires more maintenance than a non-electric one. For example since its electric you have to find an outlet that you can connect it to. If you don't have one in your bathroom you can't use it. Also since you are dealing with electricity, you have to be careful with water around it. It can be dangerous. The non-electric bidet on the other hand does not require much maintenance, after the initial installation--which requires no electricity-- you are ready to use it and don't have to worry about things going wrong. Since there's no electricity, you don't have to worry about the bidet breaking due an electrical problem.

Save electricity by using pipe ran warm water, rather than an electric powered water heater

One might think if they purchase a non electric bidet, then they won't have hot water, but this is not the case. Most non-electric bidets have an option to connect to both the hot and cold pipes of your sink, which allows the bidet to have warm water coming out of it. The electric bidet heats up the water using electricity and that can waste a lot of energy. Electric bidets with heated water can cost well over 400 dollars. Using the plumbing pipes is much more efficient and also much cheaper.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sanicare 1400 Hand Held Bidet - Model S1400C (Complete Set)

Today, I have just added our new hand held bidet, model S1400c.

Modern style hand held bidet. Longer handle. Available in Chrome Metal spray head. Installation kit includes: chrome metal spiral hose, hand bidet holder, T adapter valve with built-in filter and back flow prevention valve, ceramic core on/off valve, and inline ceramic core control valve, and instruction manual.

Check it out by clicking here!

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Get 10% Off Any Bidet Products - Seat Bidet, Travel or Hand Bidet

For a limited time only, is offering up to 10% off, free gifts and free shipping on all bidet products - from seat bidets, travel bidets to hand held bidets. Check it out at Sanicare website.

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Blooming Bidet NB-R770 with Free Travel Bidet

Blooming Bidet NB-R770 features specially coated nozzle with metal, 3 way power saving system, luminous LED, heated seat, oscillating wash, nozzle position adjustment, auto clean, nozzle cleaning.

New USPA Bidet 6800 at

The USPA, one of the most reputable brands in rest of the world is finally available in North America.

USPA BIDET provides both personal hygiene and optimum comfort for your entire family with cleansing, comfort, and convenient features and functions. A convenient, easy-to-use remote control with LED window allow easy operation for all luxurious features in cleansing, comfort and convenient functions including exclusive IIP (Intensive Impulse Pulsating) and AUTO wash.

USPA BIDET offers soft and soothing aerated bubble water stream, powerful deocorizer with active carbon fitler and warm air day with far infrared ray for maximum hygiene and comfort.

Convenient Remote Control

Powerful deodorizer with carbon filter

Exclusive IIP - Intensive Impulse Pulsation

Auto Smart Power Saving

Extra protections on electronic parts

Auto and Kids function

Heated Seat

Warm Air Dry with Far Infrared Ray

Built-in mash Filter

Hydraulic Seat and Cover

Safety Sensor


Wide Cleaning

Massage Cleaning

Quick Release for Easy Cleaning

Gentle Aerated Water Stream

Free Water Filter


Modern Style Hand Held Bidet by

We've just added new line of hand held bidet products online. See pics below. You can check out information at sanicare website

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Renaissance "PREMIUM" Travel Bidet / Portable Bidet

Ever feel uneasy in an unfamiliar bathroom when you're traveling? Our new "premium" portable/ travel bidets are a must when you are using a toilet away from home.

The Renaissance Premium Travel Bidet will help you enjoy the comforts of home even when you are not. For a limited time, they sell for only $39.95. Check out this Premium Travel Bidet!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Saving of $24.95 or more on all major seat bidet brands such as Bio Bidet, Coco Etc.

You can now save $24.95 or more plus get free items with any purchase of major bidet brands - Coco, Bio Bidet, Coway Bidet, Spaloo, Brondell etc. This is for a limited time only. Check it out now.

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Electronic Bidet Seat Collection - Top Brands

Can't find which bidet to review? Leaning on an electric or non-electric one?

We have listed the electronic bidet seat brands on this page:

and the NON-Electric bidets are now located on this page:

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Vitamin C Hand Shower at half the price with 2 Free Vitamin C Filters

Now you can buy Vitamin C Hand Shower at half the price with 2 Free Vitamin C Filters:

The Vitamin C Shower System is a sleekly styled and easily installed, in-line water treatment device that uses the power of Organic, 100% pharmaceutical-grade Vitamin-C and Chitosan in an FDA approved formula to safely and naturally neutralize chlorine and chloramines with 100 % effectiveness at any water temperature without restricting the water flow rate.

Clinical and scientific studies have proven the effectiveness and safety of this non-toxic de-chlorination agent as well as clearly demonstrating the many harmful effects of chlorine and chloramines for people. The many health benefits of bathing with chlorine-free water have been clearly and clinically established.

Although the process of using vitamin-C as a de-chlorination agent is well established and not proprietary or exclusive, the Vitamin C Shower System offers many unique benefits over other water filtration and treatment systems.

Completely Organic and Natural

Lower cost than competing systems, both for the system and the consumables

Lighter, smaller, sleeker, and more stylish than other designs

More flexible design allowing for a wide variety of easy installations

Clear housing and cartridge make it easy to tell when the cartridge needs replacement

Easily replaced cartridge

Beneficial to both people and pets when installed on your home hand shower

Works at any temperature and flow rate. Many competing de-chlorination

processes and filters lose their effectiveness when used with warm water.

It works by totally neutralizing chlorine into a harmless compound and lowers the pH of its treated water to be compatible with your skin’s requirements. It is fast, environmentally safe, and effective at any water temperature and pressure, does not depend on water quality and is extremely economical. Vitamin C is the safest and least toxic de-chlorination product. It requires no maintenance and is easily installed. When chlorinated water evaporates into the steam of our hot showers and is inhaled, we are exposed to toxic levels of chlorine which can damage eyes, skin, and mucous membranes and can promote free radical formation within our bodies. This physiological damage results from residual chlorine in tap water used to maintain the disinfecting properties of chlorinated water required by your municipal water treatment system.

Vitamin C neutralizes chlorine by changing alkali tap water, which dries out skin and hair, into a very weak acid-water, to restore the proper, healthy pH to your skin and hair. The Vitamin C shower system releases the exact amount of Vitamin C needed to neutralize all of the chlorine and chloramines present as the water passes through the cartridge because the stoichiometric chemical reaction is simple and rapid. This means that the interaction between Neutra-C and chlorinated water can only proceed into one, simple reaction regardless of what else is present in the water: a harmless organic compound (Vitamin C) and a “skin-and-chair-friendly” pH balanced water solution.

What sense does it make to use high quality natural shampoos and conditioners if you apply them with water laced with potentially harmful and toxic chemicals?

Chlorine isn’t all bad, it has its purpose and it has it’s place. Chlorine plays a vital role in disinfecting our municipal water supplies, it keeps our water and plumbing germ free, which is critically important. But, chlorine’s job is done when the water leaves the plumbing system. Then it is no longer needed and then what makes it toxic to germs also makes it toxic to us. So it makes good sense to remove the chlorine at the last point in your water delivery system.

And that is exactly what Vitamin C shower system does.

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Premium DIGITAL Bidet called Coway Bidet

There's a new Bidet in the market called Coway Bidet. This is a premium digital bidet which has the latest technology. Check it out at:

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A Travel Bidet for $29.95 . Check it out!

If you're looking for a Travel / Portable Bidet - A Bidet that you can carry with you when you're traveling, you can get 1 for $29.95 at 

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Great value on all Hand Held Bidet Products!

You can get a great deal on all hand held bidets. Aside from the FREE Inline control valve (19.95 value!), you also get a FREE Travel Portable Bidet ($59.95 value). All hand bidets come in COMPLETE KITS. Check all the various models at:

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The Up To 10% Discount has been extended

To those who are asking if the "up to 10%" has been extended, YES, it has been extended for the whole month of January.

Lowest Price For a Travel Bidet

Save money on buying a Travel Bidet. For a limited time, the Sanicare Travel Bidet price is REDUCED to $29.95.

Take advantage of this offer at:

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Spaloo Toilet Bidet Seat - added

We've just added Spaloo Toilet Bidet Seat on the website. It is designed for use by the entire family. Spaloo uses gentle sprays of warm water to clean more efficiently and more comfortably than toilet paper. Spaloos have adjustable temp. air driers and heated seats.

Spaloos are easy to install and easy to use. They replace a traditional toilet seat and come with everything needed for installation.
After you finish your business you push a wash button. At first the water is...surprising ...but then you adjust water pressure and temperature to your liking…now it all makes sense. This is hands free cleaning.
Spaloo bidet comes in two models: Spaloo classic and Spaloo Primus:
Spaloo Classic II


• Rear and bidet cleansing

• On demand continuous warm water

• Adjustable water pressure and temperature

• Automatic and manual nozzle cleaning

• Adjustable temperature air dryer

• Power wash

• Built in deodorizer

• Massage and pulse wash

• Adjustable seat temperature

• Adjustable nozzle position

• Learning energy save

• Anti-slam seat

• Child settings

• Great for the whole family!

Spaloo Primus


• Rear and bidet cleansing

• On demand continuous warm water

• Adjustable water pressure and temperature

• Automatic and manual nozzle cleaning

• Adjustable temperature air dryer

• Power wash

• Built in deodorizer

• Massage and pulse wash

• Adjustable seat temperature

• Adjustable nozzle position

• Learning energy save

• Anti-slam seat

• Child settings

• Great for the whole family!

• Remote Control

• And much more!

Please go to to learn more about these two bidet models.