Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Hand-Held Bidet / Diaper Sprayer / Shattaf SALE ends today 8/16!

Hand-Held Bidet / Diaper Sprayer / Shattaf SALE ends today 8/16! Check them out to save @

Included with purchase is an inline control valve ($19.95 value!) 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Toilet Hand-Held Bidet / Diaper Sprayer Kits - On Sale (Offer ends 7/31)

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sale: HandHeld Bidet / Shattaf Bathroom Sprayers

Sanicare.com has an ongoing SALE until March 26, 2013 on all bathroom sprayers/hand held bidet kits. They've knocked down the prices plus you can save 10% off with coupon code: 10DIS. That's double savings! Free shipping/no tax included.

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Better Choices For Non Electric Bidet

A lot of people ask me about a bidet they can use that is non-electrical, easy to use and affordable. I always give them 3 choices (insert bidets, hand held bidets and travel bidets)

1. Insert Bidets - most insert bidets (a bidet that goes underneath your existing toilet seat/lid. A few are full seat bidets) are non-electrical. Just be informed that if it's a non-electrical, then don't expect a warm or hot water wash option from these type of bidet. Here are some non-electrical insert bidets you might want to review and consider to add to your toilet. Some of them have hot water option that you can use as long as you have a hot water source from your sink.

Renaissance 500, 2000 and 4000

AceBidet 1000 Series

Biffy Chrome

Biffy Bidet Universal

Daisy Bidet

Go Bidet 2003

Hyundai 300

Hyundai 1100 (full seat bidet)

Hyundai 12:00 (Full seat bidet)

2. Hand Held Bidets - a hand held bidet is a device that you can add to your existing toilet. It's usually easy to install and hangs just beside your toilet for easy access.

You can review more than 10 hand held bidet designs here:

Most of these hand held bidets are priced reasonably. So, if you need a cleaner "you", you can opt to get one of these devices. It's worth it. We do take shower on a daily basis so we should also shower that "part" of us on a daily basis. Simple as that. With the use of a hand held bidet you can achieve that without huge investment on a full electric seat bidets.

3. Travel Bidets - If an insert bidet or hand bidet does not favor your taste, you can try another type of bidet which is a travel bidet. As the name suggests, it's basic use is for travel (?) - could be air or land travel or even camping. But, although it suggests to be used for "travel", it can also be used when you're not traveling. I have one myself at my home in one of the bathrooms (a bathroom with no bidet installed). It's pretty convenient too. It's smaller in size and it sits on my bathroom counter. When I am ready to use it, I just extend it and put water inside the "water reservoir." The amount of water is just enough for 1 cleansing - which is just right for the cleaning I need.

You can review travel bidets available at:

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Looking for a bidet to buy. Here's the link for different coupon codes you can use at sanicare.com for most of the bidet products: