Friday, February 26, 2010

Electronic Bidet Seat Collection - Top Brands

Can't find which bidet to review? Leaning on an electric or non-electric one?

We have listed the electronic bidet seat brands on this page:

and the NON-Electric bidets are now located on this page:

Monday, February 1, 2010

Vitamin C Hand Shower at half the price with 2 Free Vitamin C Filters

Now you can buy Vitamin C Hand Shower at half the price with 2 Free Vitamin C Filters:

The Vitamin C Shower System is a sleekly styled and easily installed, in-line water treatment device that uses the power of Organic, 100% pharmaceutical-grade Vitamin-C and Chitosan in an FDA approved formula to safely and naturally neutralize chlorine and chloramines with 100 % effectiveness at any water temperature without restricting the water flow rate.

Clinical and scientific studies have proven the effectiveness and safety of this non-toxic de-chlorination agent as well as clearly demonstrating the many harmful effects of chlorine and chloramines for people. The many health benefits of bathing with chlorine-free water have been clearly and clinically established.

Although the process of using vitamin-C as a de-chlorination agent is well established and not proprietary or exclusive, the Vitamin C Shower System offers many unique benefits over other water filtration and treatment systems.

Completely Organic and Natural

Lower cost than competing systems, both for the system and the consumables

Lighter, smaller, sleeker, and more stylish than other designs

More flexible design allowing for a wide variety of easy installations

Clear housing and cartridge make it easy to tell when the cartridge needs replacement

Easily replaced cartridge

Beneficial to both people and pets when installed on your home hand shower

Works at any temperature and flow rate. Many competing de-chlorination

processes and filters lose their effectiveness when used with warm water.

It works by totally neutralizing chlorine into a harmless compound and lowers the pH of its treated water to be compatible with your skin’s requirements. It is fast, environmentally safe, and effective at any water temperature and pressure, does not depend on water quality and is extremely economical. Vitamin C is the safest and least toxic de-chlorination product. It requires no maintenance and is easily installed. When chlorinated water evaporates into the steam of our hot showers and is inhaled, we are exposed to toxic levels of chlorine which can damage eyes, skin, and mucous membranes and can promote free radical formation within our bodies. This physiological damage results from residual chlorine in tap water used to maintain the disinfecting properties of chlorinated water required by your municipal water treatment system.

Vitamin C neutralizes chlorine by changing alkali tap water, which dries out skin and hair, into a very weak acid-water, to restore the proper, healthy pH to your skin and hair. The Vitamin C shower system releases the exact amount of Vitamin C needed to neutralize all of the chlorine and chloramines present as the water passes through the cartridge because the stoichiometric chemical reaction is simple and rapid. This means that the interaction between Neutra-C and chlorinated water can only proceed into one, simple reaction regardless of what else is present in the water: a harmless organic compound (Vitamin C) and a “skin-and-chair-friendly” pH balanced water solution.

What sense does it make to use high quality natural shampoos and conditioners if you apply them with water laced with potentially harmful and toxic chemicals?

Chlorine isn’t all bad, it has its purpose and it has it’s place. Chlorine plays a vital role in disinfecting our municipal water supplies, it keeps our water and plumbing germ free, which is critically important. But, chlorine’s job is done when the water leaves the plumbing system. Then it is no longer needed and then what makes it toxic to germs also makes it toxic to us. So it makes good sense to remove the chlorine at the last point in your water delivery system.

And that is exactly what Vitamin C shower system does.