Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blooming Bidet NB-R770 with Free Travel Bidet

Blooming Bidet NB-R770 features specially coated nozzle with metal, 3 way power saving system, luminous LED, heated seat, oscillating wash, nozzle position adjustment, auto clean, nozzle cleaning.

New USPA Bidet 6800 at

The USPA, one of the most reputable brands in rest of the world is finally available in North America.

USPA BIDET provides both personal hygiene and optimum comfort for your entire family with cleansing, comfort, and convenient features and functions. A convenient, easy-to-use remote control with LED window allow easy operation for all luxurious features in cleansing, comfort and convenient functions including exclusive IIP (Intensive Impulse Pulsating) and AUTO wash.

USPA BIDET offers soft and soothing aerated bubble water stream, powerful deocorizer with active carbon fitler and warm air day with far infrared ray for maximum hygiene and comfort.

Convenient Remote Control

Powerful deodorizer with carbon filter

Exclusive IIP - Intensive Impulse Pulsation

Auto Smart Power Saving

Extra protections on electronic parts

Auto and Kids function

Heated Seat

Warm Air Dry with Far Infrared Ray

Built-in mash Filter

Hydraulic Seat and Cover

Safety Sensor


Wide Cleaning

Massage Cleaning

Quick Release for Easy Cleaning

Gentle Aerated Water Stream

Free Water Filter


Modern Style Hand Held Bidet by

We've just added new line of hand held bidet products online. See pics below. You can check out information at sanicare website